Love in a Box the Music Video. Direction Jeff Sousa

This music video is filmed to the title track of Sasha and The Indulgents' sophomore album, "Love in a Box," released on Nov. 6th, 2010.
The idea was to create a 60's horror movie vibe about a pretty girl home alone and haunted by a box of old memories. The memories are oversaturated animated Polaroids that give us a voyeuristic peek into the rise and fall of a relationship.

Director : Jeff Sousa
Editor : Michael Louis Hill
Director of Photography : Ed Blythe
Colorist : Juan Raigada Fernandez
Assistant Director(s) : Christopher Radcliff, James Strzelinski, Lauren Wolkstein
Stylist : Lindsey Hornyak
Special Effects Makeup : Jessica Jade Jacob
Choreographer : Fayth Caruso
Makeup Assistant(s) : Caitlyn Nelson, Lisa Forst
Dancers : Fayth Caruso, Dale Harris, Hannah Risner, Kat Carter, Emily Hoffman
"Girl" : Sasha Papernik
"Boyfriend" : Justin Poindexter
"Other Woman" : Sarah-Doe Osborne
"Friend at Party" : Kyle Saulnier
"Poker Zombie:" : Jerry James
Location Manager(s) : Jerry James, Travis Calvert
Special Thanks : Ellyson Perkins, Annette Homann, Caitlin Crawford, Mike Rolish

Wildwood Flower

Our version of Wildwood Flower from the album, Victory. Released 2013.
Filmed with my iPhone!

Kiss Me Fast

Kiss Me Fast - Written and Composed By Sasha Papernik
Film By David Bailen

Get With It

On a hot day in July Sasha and Erin wrote a song. Then they filmed a music video the next day in Central Park. They decided to film whatever they came across - and here is what happened!